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The Label

Label 23h23's presentation, our concept, our musical point of view.

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  • The Label

23h23_platoche.jpgWhat is the 23h23 label ?

Remember the 90's the arrival of the Spiral Tribe in France. This new musical spirit from the incessant tinkering of drum machines and synthesizers to discover ....

That which is born of this time and all these actors of the Free scene, is the live.

The musical improvisation on computers or machines and this is what we research in this label.

All the sounds you'll listening on the 23h23 label are played in real time, a musical T instant, here is why 23h23...

That moment when you have the thrill that goes, where mayonnaise take, is this essence we are looking for here .....

All the artits we propose are from the alternativ underground scene and scoured the dance floor, formal or temporary, for many years, or just have a natural talent as a musician....

Witch kind of sound ?

The first vinyl is old school tribe techno, but we're open to all underground styles :)

The nex one should be Jungle, break beat, hard techno, or other style we like. Why not house music ? No no i'm joking not that one :)